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Enables you to alter the strength of your subject’s contours in ten levels, starting from [0] (no sharpening).
You can also set the camera to [A] (auto), where it makes adjustments automatically to match shooting conditions.
The lower the number, the softer your image will be; the higher the number, the more distinct.

Sample Images

Sharpening [+5]Sharpening [+5]

Sharpening [0]Sharpening [0]

Sharpening [+7]Sharpening [+7]

  • ・Camera: D3S
  • ・Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II
  • ・Image quality: 14-bit RAW (NEF)
  • ・Exposure: [M] mode, 1/125 second, f/20
  • ・White balance: Auto
  • ・Sensitivity: ISO 640.

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