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Grid Display

Picture Controls can be displayed as coordinates on a grid, based on the common Picture Controls standard, with Contrast as the vertical axis and Saturation as the horizontal axis*. This enables you to visually determine the relationships between your selected Picture Control and other Picture Controls.*In Monochrome, only Contrast is shown.

Picture Control GridPressing the [Thumbnail/Playback Zoom] button while making adjustments changes the screen to a grid display, causing the Picture Controls stored in your camera to be shown as relative Contrast and Saturation coordinates.
Unlike the slider display of the Picture Control adjustment screen, the grid display shows Contrast and Saturation positions* based on a common Picture Controls standard. With use, it becomes visually clear that the Contrast 0 and Saturation 0 settings for Standard are not exactly the same as those for Vivid, despite the fact that they both appear as 0 on their respective Picture Control adjustment screens.*In Monochrome, only Contrast is shown.

Sample Images

Quick Adjust [-2]Quick Adjust [-2]

Quick Adjust [+2]Quick Adjust [+2]

  • ・Camera: D3S
  • ・Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8G ED VR
  • ・Image quality: 14-bit, lossless compressed RAW (NEF)
  • ・Exposure: [A] mode, 1/8000 second, f/3.2
  • ・White balance: Cloudy
  • ・Sensitivity: ISO 640

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