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A simple, effective image creation system that enables you to flexibly control a wide range of shooting situations and achieve your particular preferences
With digital cameras, you're able to control image characteristics such as tone, hue, and contrast -- and do so relatively easily. In turn, this leads to an ever-growing penchant to create exactly the sort of images you want, whether you're a professional or amateur.
Picture Control System, Nikon's all-new original system of image creation settings, allows you to do precisely that.

Six Kinds of Picture Control


Gives you standard, balanced images with no inconsistencies in the strength of the subject's sharpening, contrast, brightness, saturation and coloration. Before you know it, you'll be taking shots with vibrant colors that linger in the viewer's memory.

Picture Control Adjustments


Allow you to designate Nikon Picture Controls to which you've made adjustments and register them as custom Picture Controls. What's more, you can input and register custom Picture Controls created on another camera or computer by reading them from a memory card.


Delivers images that are closest to the actual original scene. To reproduce the subject's unique colors and gradations with maximum authenticity, avoid extreme enhancements.


With the Standard and Vivid controls, Quick Adjust makes it easy to achieve wellbalanced adjustments. You can make five levels of modification, with Sharpening, Contrast, and Saturation all adjusted automatically.


For distinct, colorful, fresh-looking images with just the right emphasis on your subject's contrast and sharpening.


Picture Controls can be displayed as coordinates on a grid, based on the common Picture Controls standard, with Contrast as the vertical axis and Saturation as the horizontal axis*.
*In Monochrome, only Contrast is shown.


Gives you monochromatic shading, such as black-and-white or sepia.


Enables you to not only adjust the brightness of an image, but also the gradations and richness of highlighted and shadowy areas within that image.


Imparts a more natural look to skin. Skin tones project a real sense of depth ? as if shot with professional-quality film ? with a clear, authentic finish.


Rich gradations with an eye-catching appeal enhance the vibrancy and liveliness of landscapes, nature and even city street scenes.


Picture Control SettingsChoose [Set Picture Control] from the shooting menu and a list appears.
Select your desired Picture Control type and press "OK".

You can also select settings from the grid display that show the relation between your selected
Picture Control and other Picture Controls. Simply press "OK".

To ensure optimum clarity, all pictures appearing on this Website were taken with either the Nikon D3X, D3S, D700, D300S or D90, at [Standard] Picture Control setting, and the resulting images were processed on a computer using Picture Control.
Using one of these cameras and the same settings, you should be able to obtain similar results.

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