Outstanding definition with the D800E

Achieved by making the most of the 36.3-megapixel resolution

The D800E realizes higher resolution without sacrificing the high basic performance and superior mobility of the D800.
Without the effects of the optical low-pass filter, the resolution enabled with 36.3 effective megapixels is maximized
by transmitting light coming through NIKKOR lenses more directly to the photodiodes of the image sensor.
The D800E delivers extremely high resolution and depth suitable for shooting landscapes
and works of art that require high definition.

Resolution of the D800E

Testimonies of professional photographers

Three professional photographers, who have experienced using both the D800E and D800, talk about the attractive features of the D800E.

D800E Packed with Unknown Potential

Shinichi Sato

Resolution Equivalent to High-Pixel-Count
Digital Backs

Muga Miyahara

Accurate Reproduction of Details in Vast Landscapes with the D800E

Toshiya Hagihara