On Assignment : Rob Van Petten


A thirty-year veteran of fashion and lifestyle photography, Van Petten's vivid and futuristic work has graced advertising campaigns around the world.

When shooting beauty and jewelry in the studio or fashion on location, 36.3 megapixels can change the industry standard: in image quality, dynamic range, color rendering and the final print. The detail from the D800 produces the look of a medium-format camera, but gives me the feel and response of a D-SLR. The improvements in rendering skin tone and specular highlights, as well as fabric and hair detail are superior to anything that has come before. Autofocus quickly tracks models in motion. Nikon's 91K-pixel RGB sensor also has noticeable improvements in metering accuracy, while the larger LCD is easier to read. The camera body feels solid and ergonomically simple, while also feeling lighter and smaller than previous high-resolution Nikons. New cameras always inspire me to test and explore, and all the useful features in such a compact package will open huge creative possibilities for my high quality prints and video.