On Assignment : Benjamin Antony Monn


A recipient of multiple photography awards, Monn specializes in capturing interiors, reportage, portraits and contemporary architecture.

As a modern architectural photographer, I am always looking for a lightweight, compact and reliable camera system that can accommodate both my personal artistic drive and my clients' expectations. I believe that the Nikon D800 will set new standards for the high-end 35mm D-SLR camera market. I have never worked with a 35mm digital camera that produces images with such exceptional quality and detail. I am particularly impressed by the live view mode, which enables extremely precise compositions with easy focusing in dim lighting, thereby simplifying my workflow. Superior quality lenses such as the PC NIKKOR tilt & shift lineup are indispensable for architectural photography. From my hands-on experience, I have found that they perfectly match with the D800's new system to produce breathtakingly clean, clear and sharp files. This camera gives me the flexibility to work in unusual locations and capture images in an exceptional range of light. It definitely takes versatility and image quality to a new level in my work. What a fantastic new companion!