D-Movie — Add new dimensions to your creativity

Unleash an entirely new dimension of creativity, by expressing your vision in Motion-JPEG format with HD quality (1,280 x 720 pixels) at 24 fps. The D3S’s D-Movie function holds the most creative and operational potential of any Nikon D-SLR yet, utilizing high-ISO settings and a new external microphone terminal for high-fidelity stereo recordings that add an exciting new element to movie clips.

The camera’s imaging sensor, which is larger than DX-format sensor and much larger than that of a typical camcorder, contributes to dramatically higher image quality and exceptionally low-noise, high ISO sensitivity performance for outstanding video capture. It also provides a beautiful background blur to your movies using shallow depth of field, adding a more creative and emotional impact. Add the sharp and accurate image rendition of our unrivaled lineup of NIKKOR lenses — from ultra-wide-angle and fisheye to super-telephoto — and imagine what you can achieve with the D3S D-Movie. You can also apply Picture Control adjustment to modify the tone and color of your movies with remarkable ease.

Tripod mode gives you complete manual control over the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, within the controllable range*. It allows you, for example, to choose the aperture setting from the widest f-stop of your NIKKOR lens, to control the depth of field and achieve your desired level of bokeh effect. Both Aperture-priority auto exposure mode and Manual exposure mode let you do that. Aside from manual focusing, Tripod mode’s precision contrast-detect AF helps you achieve tack-sharp focus on any desired point within the frame.

Hand-held mode gives you automatic control of the aperture setting to constantly match brightness changes in your scene. In either mode, flicker reduction function is available to ensure comfortable and accurate movie recording, even under fluorescent or mercury lamps. Choose between two frequencies: 50 Hz or 60 Hz. For various types of professional assignments, including news reports and documentary works, the D3S delivers the intuitive technology to produce a new world of advanced image creation, in both movies and still images.

* Aperture: No limitation, ISO sensitivity: From ISO 200 to 12800 (Set [High-sensitivity movie mode] and [ISO sensitivity auto control] in [ISO sensitivity] menu to [Off]), Shutter speed: From 1/25 to 1/8000

High-Sensitivity Movie Mode

Movie recording has reached a new paradigm. If you choose High-Sensitivity Movie Mode, the D3S measures the environmental darkness and automatically adjusts the ISO setting from ISO 6400 to Hi 3, which is equivalent to ISO 102400. Movie recording is now possible even in situations that were once considered physically impossible, such as darkness beyond the capacity of the human eye. In other words, the D3S can reveal colors and details in places your own eyes cannot, which opens up completely new opportunities for wildlife photography and news coverage.

Sample movies in high-sensitivity movie mode

Note: The video samples offered above were captured using the D3S D-Movie function and converted to Flash Video format to facilitate web demonstration. Users can expect even higher image quality from original D3S video files.

Stereo audio recording via external microphone

Make use of the D3S’s built-in microphone for monaural sound, or use an optional external microphone for stereo recording with enhanced depth and direction to bring your scenes to life. You can also select the sensitivity level for either built-in microphone or external microphone, choosing from auto, high, medium or low. Select low for scenes in louder environments, such as a concert hall; high for quieter environments, with more delicate sounds, such a murmuring stream. An external microphone also allows you distance it from any sound generated by the camera — such as lens movement during autofocus shooting, or VR operation when the VR function is activated — for a clearer recording.

Note: If an external microphone is disconnected during recording, no sound will be recorded until it is reconnected.

Easy in-camera movie editing

For a photographer on deadline, speed is essential for both pictures and movies. To streamline the process, the D3S offers useful and intuitive in-camera trimming functions. You can set the start or end points in-camera, on the spot and without the need for additional computer operations. This way the edited footage is easier to transfer and shows only the story you want to tell, making it more ready for broadcasting. The original footage file remains intact for later usage. You can also save selected frames from the movie as JPEG still images for use on the web, multimedia, or in the press — an invaluable editing function for many photographers.

Sample movies

* Some of these movies also have sound. Please adjust your volume and enjoy.


Note: The video samples offered above were captured using the D3S D-Movie function and converted to Flash Video format to facilitate web demonstration. Users can expect even higher image quality from original D3S video files.

Recording modes
Mode Frame size(pixels) Maximum length
1,280 x 720 (16 : 9) 1,280 x 720 5 min
640 x 424 (3 : 2) 640 x 424 20 min
320 x 216 (3 : 2) 320 x 216