“I was surprised at how quickly I was able to learn the nuances of the D300S and use them to create more compelling forms of visual storytelling.”

  • LCD
  • Virtual Horizon
  • Information display
  • Playback function
  • Copyright information
  • Fn button
  • Custom settings
  • HDMI


3-in., approx. 920k-dot LCD with 170° viewing angle

The D300S features an expansive 3-in. VGA LCD monitor. Its approx. 920k-dot resolution assures clear, detailed display of images, which proves invaluable when confirming focus or assessing image sharpness at up to 27 times* magnification. The wide 170° viewing angle from any direction, and bright display make it easy to view images and check menu settings in Live View shooting. Tempered glass provides superior durability.

* [L]-size JPEG or NEF (RAW) images

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Virtual Horizon

Virtual Horizon

The D300S offers an electronic Virtual Horizon feature that quickly and accurately displays a virtual horizon to show the camera's position relative to horizontal. And in Live View mode, you can place a simple grid over the scene you’re about to shoot — an invaluable tool for landscapes and architecture applications.

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Information display

Quick, easy-to-read information display

One touch of the dedicated "info" button shows you all essential camera settings and information at once in the large LCD. Data is presented in clear, easy-to-read fonts with selectable colors ensuring an excellent view in any environment. A second touch takes you directly to the settings displayed at the lower part of the LCD.

Dark on light

Light on dark

Info button

Quick settings display (example)

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Playback function

Enhanced playback functions

The D300S gives you the choice of reviewing images in various ways. The thumbnail display shows up to 72 frames at a time, for quicker image search and select. You can also check histograms of a selected magnified portion of an image. And thanks to Nikon’s Scene Recognition System, the D300S automatically detects up to 10 human faces in a frame, allowing you to rapidly zoom in on each, in sequence, to confirm the focus.

72-thumbnail display

Histogram display

Histogram for magnified area is also displayed. (This yellow frame can be moved.)

Playback zoom of face

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Copyright information

Registering copyright information

Allows you to attach the name of the photographer and/or copyright holder to the image file as part of Exif data. This copyright information can be confirmed on the D300S, as well as with ViewNX or the optional Capture NX 2 software.

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Fn button

Flexible Fn button for your most frequently used feature

Designate this button for one of the 16 features available on the menu and use it for instant access to your particular choice. One of the 16 features shown below can be assigned to the depth-of-field preview button.

* This option can not be used in combination with Fn button + dials. Selecting this option displays a message and sets Fn button + dials to none. If another option is selected for Fn button + dials while this setting is active, Fn button press will be set to none.

One RAW shot when you need it — + NEF (RAW) function

If you're a JPEG shooter, but would like to record a RAW file for that important, dominant shot, you can assign + NEF (RAW) function to the Fn/depth-of-field preview button (custom menu). One push of the Fn or depth-of-field preview button, just prior to shutter release, lets you record the RAW image simultaneously, thereby using card space more effectively without amassing unnecessary RAW files.

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Custom settings

Easy access to further customizable settings — Custom settings

The custom settings allow you to customize a variety of camera settings to suit your personal preferences. When you make new selections, you can save those particular changes as a group of settings in the custom setting bank, with up to four groups designated by different names.

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HDMI compatible

The D300S features an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) terminal, enabling direct connection to a High-Definition TV for breathtaking viewing of still images and D-Movie clips. Requires Type C connector (mini size).

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