Multi-power Battery Pack MB-D10(optional)

The optional Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D10 supports the use of three battery types. It combines added stability with extended shooting potential of up to approx. 2,950 shots*1 per charge and enables high-speed continuous shooting at a rate of approx. 8 fps*2. The MB-D10 comes equipped with a shutter-release button, AF-ON button, multi selector, and main- and sub-command dials, and to protect against moisture and dust, its durable magnesium alloy case boasts the same level of sealing protection as the D300S itself.

  1. *1Based on CIPA Standards. When Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL3e is used for camera body, together with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4a and Battery Chamber Cover BL-3 for the Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D10.
  2. *2Based on CIPA Guidelines. When Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4a and Battery Chamber Cover BL-3 are used for the Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D10, all of which are sold separately.

With R6/AA-size
batteries installed

With Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
EN-EL4a installed

With Rechargeable
Li-ion Battery
EN-EL3e installed

GPS Unit GP-1 (optional)

With GPS Unit GP1 attached to the D300S, time and geographic location information, received via satellite, is automatically recorded to each image’s Exif data. This makes it easy to display the location of an image on Google Maps™ using ViewNX. 

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Wireless Transmitter WT-4A/B/C/D/E*1(optional)

Nikon’s Wireless Transmitter WT-4A/B/C/D/E delivers extended image transfer convenience and efficiency via IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless connections, as well as wired 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX connections. Thumbnail Select mode*2 permits thumbnail display of images taken with up to five wirelessly connected cameras on a computer display. Images selected by confirming the thumbnail can be downloaded and saved to the computer. With this mode, the photographer and computer operator can concentrate on their respective assignments. Remote camera operation and image viewing, including the use of Live View, is also available when Wireless Transmitter WT-4A/B/C/D/E is used in conjunction with optional Camera Control Pro 2 software.

  1. *1Product name varies according to region, depending on local frequency channels available.
  2. *2The supplied software should be installed before using.
    Note: Movies cannot be uploaded in thumbnail select mode.

Exclusive Nikon software

Nikon Transfer

Organize your workflow efficiently. Nikon Transfer enables you to:

  • Transfer images from Nikon D-SLR or memory cards
  • Add labels, rating and IPTC at transfer time for efficient sorting later on
  • Continue selecting images while a transfer is in progress
Nikon Transfer system requirements


ViewNX treats RAW and JPEG files of the same image as a single file, which makes browsing faster and more efficient. With the ViewNX advantage, you can:

  • Switch from JPEG to RAW details in one click
  • Use labels to categorize, prioritize and filter your images
  • Edit XMP and IPTC information
  • View thumbnails and previews quickly
  • Easily switch between Nikon Transfer and Capture NX 2
  • Customize images via ViewNX’s Picture Control utility
  • Easily print, create slideshows and send images via email
  • Display images with location information on Google Map™
ViewNX system requirements
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Capture NX 2 (optional)

Nikon’s latest non-destructive photo editing software lets you get the most out of your NEF, JPEG or TIFF images. Capture NX 2 and its innovative U Point® technology empower you to:

  • Alter and enhance color and details quickly and thoroughly
  • Create and customize your own color schemes using Picture Control, then save the results for later use or export to D-SLRs that support Picture Control
  • Take advantage of important functions such as batch processing, edit list, vignette control, color aberration control and distortion control
Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.2 system requirements

Camera Control Pro 2 (optional)

Remote shooting has never been more productive. Camera Control Pro 2 provides:

  • Full control of Live View, Picture Control, White Balance and the 51-point AF system
  • Remote control and image transfer via wireless LAN when using the WT-4A/B/C/D/E Wireless Transmitter
  • Immediate thumbnail confirmation
  • Deletion of unwanted images before data transfer
  • Image display using ViewNX

Note: Transfer of movies is not possible.

Camera Control Pro 2 Ver. 2.6.0 system requirements
  • * (Windows) Operation when connected with USB hub is not guaranteed.
  • * (Macintosh) Operation when connected with USB hub or Firewire hub is not guaranteed.
Image Authentication Software (optional)

Protect your data’s integrity with Nikon’s Image Authentication Software:

  • Indicates whether an image taken with the D300S’s Image Authentication set to “On” has been altered
  • Recognizes any change in XMP and IPTC information
Image Authentication Software system requirements
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System chart

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