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Key Features

  • Easy operation with exposure mode select dial and command dial with large top deck LCD panel
  • [AUTO] mode for fully automatic control
  • Cross-ranged, five-area AF system
  • Choice of Dynamic AF and Closest-subject-priority Dynamic AF
  • Focus Tracking with Lock-On™
  • Built-in AF-Assist Illuminator
  • 3D Matrix Metering (with D-/G-type Nikkor lens)
  • Center-Weighted Metering (in [M] mode)
  • Five Vari-Programs
  • Four exposure modes ([P], [S], [A], [M])
  • Built-in auto pop-up Speedlight: guide number 12/39 (ISO 100, m/ft.); 28mm lens coverage
  • Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash capability
  • F65D features data imprinting