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Expanded creativity

Adding creativity in-camera after shooting – Retouch menu

The D3200 comes equipped with various in-camera image-editing functions. These in-camera functions let you retouch images easily. There are a variety of options such as Selective color that creates a black-and-white image except for the color(s) you want to emphasize, Miniature effect for a diorama-like image, or Color sketch for a sketch-style image. In each case, a duplicate image is created, leaving the original securely intact.

Selective color
All colors other than the color(s) you want to emphasize are recorded in black and white. Up to three colors are selectable and the color range can be adjusted.
Miniature effect
Distant subjects appear as if they are miniature scale models. The position of the focus point remains sharp while the peripheral area is defocused.
Color sketch
Sketch-style images can be created.
Corrects inclination of the image within a range of ±5° (in approx. 0.25° steps).
The desired part of the image can be trimmed and enlarged.

Retouch menus incorporated in the D3200

• D-Lighting • Red-eye correction • Trim (3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9 and 1:1) • Monochrome (Black-and-white, Sepia and Cyanotype) • Filter effects (Skylight, Warm filter, Red/Green/Blue intensifier, Cross screen and Soft) • Color balance • Image overlay • NEF (RAW) processing • Resize • Quick retouch • Straighten • Distortion control • Fisheye • Color outline • Color sketch • Perspective control • Miniature effect • Selective color • Edit movie

Exclusive Nikon software – expand your creativity

Your Imaging Toolbox – ViewNX 2 (supplied)

This simple and intuitive software helps you get the most out of your images and movies. ViewNX 2 provides importing and browsing capability while also incorporating image-editing functions such as Resize, Brightness, Crop, Straighten and NEF (RAW) image processing. High-definition and high-quality RAW processing is achieved by utilizing the same processing algorithm as Capture NX 2 that faithfully reproduces Nikon image quality. Its movie-editing functions help you create your own original movies quickly and easily, and Nikon's smart photo sharing and storage service, "NIKON IMAGE SPACE", works smoothly with ViewNX 2, allowing you to log in directly from the software for easy uploading without activating a browser.

Quick and simple image-editing software with intuitive operation – Capture NX 2 (optional)

Capture NX 2 delivers superior operability and a variety of image-editing functions empowered by U Point® technology. Achieve a vast array of image-editing techniques easily by just placing various types of Control Points on your image and adjusting the sliders. Selection Control Points enable you to apply numerous enhancements such as D-Lighting and brightness to a designated area at any level you desire.

NIKON IMAGE SPACE — easy-to-understand, simple-to-use Nikon's image sharing and storage service

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" is a free, online image sharing and storage service. With a rapid, highly convenient user interface and simple operation flow, you can upload/download, browse, organize and share pictures and movies, as well as coordinate with SNS, smoothly and simply. "Basic account," with a maximum of 2 GB storage space, is available to all registered users. "Special account," that can be used by Nikon digital camera owners, offers storage space up to 20 GB and various useful functions, including the ability to set a password when sharing images and restrict image download.

Enables playback of still images and movies on High-Definition TV – HDMI supported

The D3200 supports HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) that allows you to play back still images and movies with High-Definition TV*1. HDMI mini connector (Type C) is employed as the interface. Also, the D3200 is compatible with HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electric Control) that enables remote operation of the camera using a TV remote control*2.

  • *1Requires optional HDMI connection for playback.
  • *2Remote control of HDMI-CEC supported TV.
HDMI-CEC enables remote operation of multi selector and OK button of the D3200 using a TV remote control.

Transmits taken images from the camera to a computer wirelessly – Eye-Fi card (on the market) compatible

The D3200 can transmit taken image data (JPEG) from the D3200 to a computer wirelessly. You can also use online photo sharing and storage services such as "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" and transmit images to a computer automatically.

Note: The D3200 can turn Eye-Fi cards on and off, but may not support other Eye-Fi functions. Direct any inquiries to the manufacturer. Eye-Fi cards are for use only in the country of purchase (As of December, 2011). Observe all local laws concerning the use of wireless devices.