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11-point AF system - Quick, accurate autofocus ready for the decisive moment

D3100's precision high-speed autofocus responds immediately to changes in scene or composition, maintaining tack-sharp focus to capture fleeting expressions and fast-moving sports. The all-important central focus point features a cross-type sensor while the new superimposed display achieves a clear, uncluttered viewfinder. Various autofocus modes cover nearly any situation, including auto-area AF that automatically selects the subject on which to focus, and 3D-tracking (11 points)* that maintains focus on a subject regardless of changes in composition as long as the shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

* When autofocus is set to AF-A or AF-C.

11 AF points                Note: The 11 AF points shown here are for illustration
                                  purposes only. Actual appearance differs.

Single-point AF

Manually select an autofocus point with the multi-selector, compose, and shoot. This is a great way to maintain focus on static, off-center subjects.

Dynamic-area AF

Capturing fast moving subjects has never been easier. Select a focus area and the corresponding autofocus points combine to produce sharp results.

Auto-area AF

Unsure of what mode to use? Let the D3100 decide for you. It automatically changes autofocus modes depending on whether the subject is static or dynamic.

3D-tracking (11 points)

Select an autofocus point on a moving subject and the D3100 locks on, utilizing all autofocus points to keep the subject in sharp focus even as the composition changes.

Advanced white balance control - More natural whites

The Improved Scene Recognition system offers outstanding auto white balance performance that nearly rivals the precision of the D3s, Nikon's flagship camera. White is reproduced more faithfully while maintaining stable color balance regardless of light source.

Built-in pop-up flash - Additional light whenever needed

When the light gets low or you find yourself shooting in tricky backlit lighting, use the built-in pop-up flash to brighten the scene. It activates automatically when needed depending on exposure mode*, or can be enabled manually. In addition, support for i-TTL flash control increases exposure accuracy.

* When Scene Mode is set to Auto, Portrait, Child, Close-up or Night portrait

Convenient and powerful Speedlight SB-400 (sold separately)

Bouncing flash off ceilings or walls is easy with optional Speedlight SB-400. Supplementing D3100's built-in flash, SB-400 gives you the means to produce photos with softer, more natural-looking lighting.

Shooting with direct flash
Shooting with bounce flash

Scene Recognition System - Intelligent operation in any setting

Nikon's exclusive Scene Recognition System utilizes a 420-pixel RGB sensor to analyze a composition immediately before you take the shot. It then automatically optimizes exposure, autofocus, and white balance, allowing you to obtain beautiful photos without the hassle of making complicated camera adjustments yourself. Face detection also benefits from Scene Recognition System, exhibiting improved recognition accuracy and definition as well as enabling instant zoom-to-face in playback mode.