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Frame the world perfectly. From your own amazing perspective with Nikon's new optical masterpieces, 1 NIKKOR.1 NIKKOR Lenses


Compact, ultra-wide-angle zoom lens with a Vibration Reduction (VR) function, that delivers high-resolution pictures with diverse angles of view from wide angle to ultra-wide angle.

This lens with a retractable lens mechanism comes in a compact-size, allowing you to carry it easily to capture scenes from your daily life.

An incredible standard zoom lens flawlessly captures the scene in vivid detail.

Compact telephoto zoom lens lets you bring the subject closer to you at will.

Compact, versatile, high-power 10x zoom lens, that covers extremely broad applications from wide-angle to telephoto shooting.

A compact power drive zoom lens optimal for shooting dynamic movies.

Single-Focal Length

Satisfy your creative yearning with a single focal length wide lens.

A fast, lightweight, single focal length lens that is especially suited for shooting portrait pictures.

Largest maximum aperture in the 1 NIKKOR line of f/1.2. First 1 NIKKOR with Nano Crystal Coat, focus ring and SWM built in, delivering strong support for image creation. A high-performance fast lens realizing meticulously fine reproduction.


Designed specially for Nikon 1 AW1 but with better environmental performance, this fast wide-angle lens lets you take in any scene — from shots up close and tight to expansive landscapes. And all with the superior sharpness for which single focal length lenses are renowned.

Another lens with environmental performance for Nikon 1 AW1, this compact zoom makes an ideal “standard lens” for anything from casual snapshots to impressive works of art, including portraits that both captivate and flatter.

Close-up Lens

Attach this accessory to any 1 NIKKOR lens featuring a 40.5 mm filter-attachment size, and you can get closer to subjects and capture close-up shots with blurred background easily.

Mount Adapter

Enjoy an angle of view that is equivalent to 2.7 times the focal length of F mount NIKKOR lenses.