Design and Usability

A compact system camera that turns ordinary scenes into special moments

With a camera so compact, you might think that it could be a challenge to carry large, heavy lenses. However, Nikon 1 employs a new image sensor format "Nikon CX format" and "Nikon 1 mount" which make for an extremely compact and light set of camera body and lens, all the while providing superb performance with high-resolution, quality images and high-speed shooting functions.

  • *With 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6, battery and memory card.

Metallic body with a secure hand grip

Nikon 1 V2 is encased in a sophisticated, compact body which has been designed in pursuit of beautiful simplicity. Complementing its robust features, the camera is designed with a front face crafted from magnesium alloy – material that is lightweight but strong.
With the newly added grip, comfortable holding is ensured.

Mode dial realizes smooth and speedy selection

The mode dial offers you a selection of eight special shooting modes (auto/advanced movie mode/Motion Snapshot mode/best moment capture mode/P, S, A, M modes). Simply turn the dial and you can access the mode of your choice directly and easily. The feature button placed next to the mode dial lets you choose the settings within each mode in an easy-to-understand maneuver. Enjoy shooting unique images that express your creativity, right when you want to.

Mode dial
Feature button
Live image control
P, S, A, M
Direct setting
Best moment capture
Slow view/Smart Photo Selector
Motion Snapshot
Theme (BGM) selection
Advanced movie
HD movie/slow-motion movie

Smooth creativity in the palm of your hand – Live image control

If you think setting exposure mode is troublesome, try this new function that enables you to check what the shot is going to look like when you change the settings, before you capture the shot.
In auto mode, you can intuitively adjust degrees of background blur, motion, brightness, and Active D-Lighting, and the effect of the changes will be faithfully displayed in real-time on the electronic viewfinder or the LCD monitor. Because adjustments can be made simply with the feature button and the command dial, you can keep on shooting without taking your eyes off the electronic viewfinder.

Direct setting with feature button and command dial

In P, S, A, and M modes, Nikon 1 V2 gives you direct access to settings such as white balance, lens servo, AF-area mode, ISO sensitivity, Picture Control and metering without having to go through the menu. Simply press the feature button to jump to the settings. Turn the command dial to highlight the desired setting then press the dial to select. You can change the values or modes of the selected setting by rotating the dial. The changes you apply to the settings appear on the electronic viewfinder as well as the LCD monitor. You can keep your eye on the viewfinder and focus all your attention on picture composition and taking the best shot while making these adjustments.

  1. Press the feature button to jump to the settings.
  2. Rotate the command dial to highlight the setting to be changed.
  3. Press the dial to select.

Electronic viewfinder useful for shooting in daylight

Nikon 1 V2 comes equipped with a 0.47-in. color TFT LCD 1440k-dot high-resolution electronic viewfinder with an approx. 100% frame coverage. The electronic viewfinder faithfully displays the scene in front of you with minimum time lag, and is especially useful in a bright environment where an LCD monitor might normally be harder to view. The sensor next to the viewfinder detects you looking into it, so as to automatically turn off the LCD monitor when you are using the viewfinder and vice versa. This automatic switching between the electronic viewfinder and LCD monitor will enhance your comfort so you can fully enjoy the shooting experience.

High-resolution LCD monitor for superior visibility

Nikon 1 V2 is equipped with a 7.5-cm/3-in., approx. 921k-dot, high-resolution LCD monitor. Its air gapless structure integrates the protective glass and LCD panel for a thinner design and increased visibility outdoors, enabling you to enjoy a clearer, more beautiful display of photos and movies.

Easy-to-view display

Featuring easy-to-read fonts and icons, Nikon 1 V2's display menu is designed with practical usability in mind. What's more, when you set the ISO sensitivity to auto, the actual values that are currently in effect will be displayed in real-time for reference.

Built-in flash to expand your creative palette

Nikon 1 V2 has a built-in flash to support shooting in dimly lit environments. With a guide number of approx. 6.3/20.7 (m/ft, ISO 160, 20°C/68°F), it can cover the angle of view of a 10 mm lens (equivalent to 27 mm in 35mm format). In addition, support for i-TTL flash control increases exposure accuracy.

Other Features

Image sensor cleaning with vibration system

Any dust that reaches the image sensor may result in unattractive spots on your photos.
To prevent this, the camera performs image sensor cleaning to remove dust from the image sensor each time the camera is turned on or off.

Efficient power management

Nikon 1 V2's efficient energy-saving design allows you to shoot approx. 310 shots per charge with the EN-EL21 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

EN-EL21 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (supplied)

A variety of in-camera editing features

Nikon 1 V2 offers versatile in-camera editing options such as D-lighting, resize and trim. Also, you can edit movie files by designating the start and end points. Whichever menu you use after shooting, the camera creates an edited file, while leaving your original photos and movies intact.