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New Function

Motion Snapshot

Life's greatest moments come to life with music.

Don't you think the best moments in your life deserve to be captured in a unique and special way?
With Motion Snapshot, you can capture that special moment as a still image and as a 1-second movie vignette when you press down on the shutter-release button.
Then the camera stretches the movie vignette to create a 2.5-second slow motion movie and combines it with the still image and one of the 4 tunes available.
So why not preserve your heartfelt moments as a truly extraordinary short movie.

Slide show of Motion Snapshot(consecutive playback)

Motion Snapshot

  • *The videos shown here were taken using "Motion Snapshot" mode, then converted to Flash Video format for ease of handling. Image quality varies from the original.

Smart Photo Selector

Perfect expressions at the touch of a button

Taking great photographs has never been easier.
When you start to press down on the shutter-release button, the camera, set to the Smart Photo Selector mode, instantly begins recording 20 images at high speed.
Then it automatically stores 5 great shots and selects the best one out of the 5.
All you have to do is point and shoot.
You will never miss another perfect moment ever again.

The camera captures a series of 20 still images at high speed.
Next, the camera selects and stores 5 great shots.
Then the camera chooses the best one out of the 5.