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Superior Operability

Get the most out of the Nikon 1 S1 with feature menu

The Nikon 1 S1 allows you to operate easily and intuitively using the GUI (Graphic User Interface). It boasts a rotating multi selector on the screen that lets you choose the shooting mode of your choice and further options of the feature menu. With the dual selector which can be switched simply by pressing left or right, the abundant features of the Nikon1 S1 are made so easy to access.

GUI operation
Feature menu
Motion Snapshot Mode
Best Moment Capture Mode
Smart Photo Selector
Slow View
Auto Mode
Live Image Control
Creative Mode
Programmed auto
Shutter-priority auto
Aperture-priority auto
Night landscape
Night portrait
Miniature effect
Selective color
Advanced movie mode
HD movie
Slow motion
  • Note: Continuous shooting is not available and a flash cannot be used when live image control is in effect.

Intuitive control through GUI

The GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the Nikon1's LCD monitor is made more simple and easier-to-operate. The mode dial of the Nikon 1 S1 is shown on the LCD monitor for much more intuitive maneuver directly on the screen.

See the special effects with live image control before you shoot

Use live image control to see how different effects look before you shoot. The Active D-Lighting preserves details in highlights and shadows in high-contrast scenes. The motion control creates a sense of movement by blurring a moving object, or captures a moving object clearly by "freezing" it. The background softening makes a subject stand out, or brings both the background and foreground into focus. The brightness control can make your pictures brighter or darker. The results are displayed on the LCD monitor. When you see an effect you like, just shoot. Live image control will turn you into a more creative photographer by making photographic effects easier to see and understand.

Active D-Lighting

Active D-Lighting: High
Active D-Lighting: Off

Preserves details in highlights and shadows in high-contrast scenes.

Brightness control


Use this feature to make your pictures brighter or darker.

Motion control

Freeze motion
Blur motion

Create a sense of movement by blurring a moving object, or capture a moving object clearly by "freezing" it.

Background softening

Background sharp
Background softened

Makes a subject stand out, or brings both the background and foreground into focus.

Creative mode lets you explore new ways of self-expression

Bring an original artistic touch to your photographs using the special modes on these pages. It's easy. All the work is in your imagination.

Selective color

For unique dramatic effect, color part of a scene in your photo and make the remainder monochrome.



With HDR (High Dynamic Range), your Nikon 1 merges images captured at different exposures to render a well-balanced, natural picture rich in tonality.


This special filter effect produces beautiful, soft portrait-style images. It has the power to bring out the delicate shimmer of radiant sunshine.

Night portrait

For gorgeous nighttime portraits, the Nikon 1 captures your flash-lit subject and the dark background separately and then beautifully renders them together.

Night landscape

Even when shooting without a tripod, you can get dramatic images of illuminated nightscapes. Just fully press the shutter-release button and the Nikon 1 will shoot continuously and then automatically merge the images to produce a photograph with minimal blur and noise.

Miniature effect

For photos out of the ordinary, give familiar scenery the look of a world of toys. Just position your subject at the center of the frame and shoot as usual to create a diorama-like image.

Exposure mode(P/S/A/M)

P: Programmed auto
The camera automatically sets shutter speed and aperture to give you optimal results.

S: Shutter-priority auto
Set shutter speed to your preference and let the camera select the optimum aperture. Ideal for creating a sense of movement and for blurring action.

A: Aperture-priority auto
It allows you to control depth of field that gives a beautiful background blur while keeping your subject in sharp focus, shoot in low light, and much more.

M: Manual
Manually set both aperture and shutter speed to get the results you want.

Let the auto mode choose your optimal shooting style

This smart Nikon 1 feature frees you from complicated operations, allowing you to concentrate on getting your best shot. For example, the camera automatically detects whether a scene is a portrait, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, close up, or other and selects the setting that will give you optimal results.

Automatic pop-up flash

A built-in i-TTL flash pops up automatically when the camera detects that you're shooting in low light.

Auto distortion control

Turn on the auto distortion control, and you can compensate barrel distortion when using a wide-angle lens, or pincushion distortion when using the telephoto lens.