Capture Special Moments

Advanced hybrid autofocus system with wide coverage of phase-detection AF

The Nikon 1 S1 automatically selects between two types of AF to capture sharp images. For sports and other fast-action scenes, phase-detection AF comes into play. With its wide coverage of 73 autofocus points, the Nikon 1 S1 quickly tracks, brings into focus, and captures fast-moving subjects. When you shoot under low light, contrast-detect AF activates to reveal subtle details in the scene.

Area covered by phase-detection AF + contrast-detect AF (73 AF points)

Area covered by contrast-detect AF (135 AF points)

Phase-detection AF / Contrast-detect AF

High-speed continuous shooting for fast-action scenes

Get 15 sharp autofocused images from 1 second of action! When your subject is in motion, continuous shooting mode works with the camera's phase-detection AF to track movement and keep the subject in focus. The moment you press the shutter-release button, the camera captures razor-sharp images at 15 frames per second (fps). The Nikon 1 S1's continuous shooting mode can shoot even faster when the subject is stationary (imagine a golfer's swing). In this case, you can set the camera to shoot at up to 60 fps!

Number of frames shot per second

  • Compared to the cameras of other makers, the Nikon 1 S1 captures more number of shots in one second while tracking the subject with autofocus.
  • Note: Maximum number of pictures in high-speed continuous shooting mode: approx. 15 at 15 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps

Best Moment Capture

Slow view lets you locate the best shot

Fast-motion scenes are tricky to capture. Even for seasoned professionals knowing exactly when to shoot is hard. Slow view on the Nikon 1 S1 is an eye-opening solution. When you half-press the shutter-release button, the camera shoots continuously, capturing as many as 15 frames in a few seconds. When you look on the LCD monitor, you'll see the action occurring in slow motion. Once you see an image you like, just fully depress the shutter-release button—the precise moment is yours!

Never miss the perfect moment with Smart Photo Selector

What if the perfect moment occurs after you press the shutter? No worries! With Smart Photo Selector, the Nikon 1 S1 will start shooting as soon as you half-press the shutter-release button and it will continue shooting for a few moments after you release the button. In this mode, the camera records up to 15 frames and then automatically selects either your 5 best shots or No. 1 best shot—your choice—to save. The result? No more worries about missing a great shot due to the subject blinking or falling out of frame, or your hand shaking.

Images are recorded before and after you engage the shutter-release button + Nikon 1 selects your best shot(s) to save

Motion Snapshot turns the still pictures into a moving memory

Give everyday snapshots a newfound feeling of drama by combining a still image with four seconds of slow-motion movie. The combination, which comes with music, turns into transcendent memories that you will treasure over the years. Creating Motion Snapshots requires no editing. To choose a tune to go with your Motion Snapshot, listen to the preselected music samples before you shoot and make your selection from the multi selector. If you decide to change or delete the music later, it's easy. To ensure that the slow-motion movie is sharp and clear, the Nikon 1 S1 is equipped with e-VR, an electronic vibration reduction system, which identifies and compensates for blur.

The Movie, Reveals the Passage of Time x The Still, Exposes a Moment in Time

More ways to have fun with Motion Snapshot!

You can make a one-of-a-kind movie by combining Motion Snapshots, still images, and movies together. Simply select the files of your choice and play them one after another without any complex editing — now you can enjoy watching the images taken on your vacation right when you walk in the door of your home.
Use the handy Short Movie Creator software to add your favorite songs and link the images for an original movie of your own.