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Create and Share

Picture Control

Tailor your images just as you imagine them.

Adjust the tonality and character of your pictures, Full HD movies, and Motion Snapshot to create a more personal touch. Six settings are available: standard, neutral, vivid, monochrome, portrait and landscape. In addition, you can manually adjust the sharpening, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue to further fine-tune your images to your likings.

Active D-Lighting

This function automatically reveals details in the dark and light parts of high-contrast scenes and capture images that appear closer to how your eyes see them. Once you turn it on, Active D-Lighting will be used for every picture thereafter relieving you from the cumbersome set up every time you shoot.

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Mount Adapter FT1

Expand your horizons with Mount Adapter FT1.

Mount Adapter FT1 has been especially designed so that the extensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses may be used with Nikon 1. Mount Adapter FT1 keeps the F values of your existing F mount NIKKOR lenses in tact while also delivering the same brightness. Because you can have an angle of view equivalent to the focal length that is approx. 2.7 times that of the F mount NIKKOR lenses, you can use standard lenses as telephoto lenses and telephoto lenses as super-telephoto lenses to get closer to the action. The Mount Adapter FT1 also supports auto exposure/autofocus and vibration reduction.

  • Note:Autofocus is available only with AF-S NIKKOR lenses. Other restrictions apply. Please visit Nikon website for details.

Waterproof Case WP-N1

Take the joy of capturing scenes under water. This waterproof case for the Nikon 1 J1 and J2 can withstand depth up to 40 meters. 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 is the only lens compatible with this waterproof case.

Note: WP-N1 is compatible with underwater speedlight YS-D1 by SEA&SEA SUNPAK Co., Ltd. Please see the website of SEA&SEA SUNPAK Co., Ltd. for more details.

With Nikon, the fun never ends.

ViewNX 2 / Short Movie Creator / my Picturetown

Not only have we developed a wide range of functions that let you capture stunning photographs and movies, we also designed tools that enable you to enjoy and share them. With ViewNX 2 and Short Movie Creator, you can view and edit the photographs and movies you have captured. Nikon's my Picturetown lets you share your unique creations with your friends and family. The fun and joy of creating photographs and movies can be all yours.

ViewNX 2

Nikon 1 comes packaged with the ViewNX 2 software, which gives you a convenient way to manage and edit your images. With this single software, you can import, view, edit, share your images, change file sizes, adjust the brightness, crop, correct tilting, develop RAW images, edit HD movies, and map shots with GPS data. The ViewNX 2 also lets you upload your Motion Snapshots to my Picturetown with a single click.

Short Movie Creator

Short Movie Creator makes editing movies even more fun and easy for everyone. Just install the packaged Short Movie Creator software onto the PC and you can create remarkably original short movies in minutes by selecting your favorite stills and movies and the desired music. You can also share your creations on movie sharing websites such as YouTube™. If you want to watch the short movies you've created on your camera, just transfer them onto an SD memory card. If you use this software in combination with ViewNX 2, you can enjoy stills, movies, and other unique creations to your hearts' content.

Note: YouTube™ is a trademark of YouTube, LLC.

my Picturetown

Share your pictures and videos with your friends and family by email or on SNS! Use my Picturetown, a free-to-register online album service for sharing and storing image data! You can also share the exciting pictures you took with Motion Snapshot or Smart Photo Selector. The service supports JPEG and RAW (NEF, NRW) images as well as HD movies (MOV, AVI). Also, by using the mobile app, you can have the pleasure of viewing images on my Picturetown on your mobile devices.


Enjoy vibrant photographs on the large screen TV

Nikon 1 comes equipped with a mini HDMI pin. By connecting the camera to a high-definition TV using an HDMI cable, you can sit back and enjoy your photographs and movies on a dynamic, large screen display.

  • *When you connect the camera to the TV, the camera's LCD will turn itself off.
  • *You can shoot still images and movies while the camera is connected to the TV.
Note: HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.