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D5000 Digital SLR Camera

Wealth of functions ideal for beginners who later want to move up to a mid-range model

I think the fact that the D5000 offers a wide range of functions as an entry model is another major attraction?

The considerable attention to detail
the developers have devoted to the
D5000 is evident in a number of
innovative functions that mark a first
for Nikon, such as the quiet shooting
mode and the wealth of scene modes.


Since the Vari-angle monitor is a major feature of the D5000, we wanted to have many other functions available to users whenever they felt the need for them, so we have not compromised on other functions. While we have received plenty of positive response for having vastly improved the scene modes, we also included many other functions such as an image editing menu, interval shooting, auto exposure bracketing and quiet shooting mode. We are quite proud of the D5000's high cost performance.

What sort of function is the quiet shooting mode?


This function slows down the mirror movement and shutter charge behavior to make the camera quieter. The user can also control the timing of the sound that occurs after a shot is taken. We used this quiet mode for the first time in the D5000, since it is an entry model whose users might be taking photos of their children performing at a recital or a baby while it's sleeping.

Concerning the other main attraction of the D5000, how did you choose the 19 scene modes?


When product members first met, we came up with around 50 ideas and then narrowed them down to the ones that were most feasible. COOLPIX cameras also had scene modes, but rather than just using them as is, we decided to add new functions called High key and Low key that would be suitable for an SLR.


Six of the D5000's 19 scene modes are completely new for Nikon: High key, Low key, Silhouette, Blossoms, Autumn colors and Candlelight. As with all the scene modes, we've set them up so that users can basically adjust the exposure and picture controls as they want. At first, the scene modes can be used to learn how to take pictures, but later they can be adjusted to achieve personally-tailored results.

The Blossoms and Autumn colors modes sound quite Japanese. What was your reason for choosing these?


The D5000 is an SLR that originates in Japan, so we wanted to extend to the world what we felt was important to the Japanese. Cherry blossom (sakura) and autumn leaves (koyo) are close to the Japanese heart. The English names for these two modes are actually Blossoms and Autumn colors. We would be pleased if overseas users could experience a bit of Japanese culture or tradition along with their Japanese camera when they use these modes.

Shooting events is more fun when functions are combined

Are there any other functions or ways of using the D5000 that would be of interest?

The ability to combine functions offers
new ways to enjoy the D5000.


Yes, there's the combination of stop motion movie creation and interval timer photography. We decided at an early stage of development that we would include the D60's stop motion movie function in the D5000. Stop motion lets you create a movie of photos you've already taken, and we added interval timer to make stop motion even more interesting. It is useful in such situations as capturing a morning glory opening or a cicada emerging from a pupa. When interval timer is used to take photos at intervals of 5 or 10 minutes, for example, they can be connected as a movie file with stop motion and then viewed as a video movie. These two functions together make it possible to see and capture subjects that are normally very difficult to photograph.


Other new features that can be enjoyed after photos are taken are Soft Filter and Color Outline. Soft Filter imparts a soft atmosphere to the photo as though an optical filter had been used, and Color Outline produces outlines that make the photo look like it came from a coloring book. Parents can also enjoy these features. If they take a photo of a toy, for instance, they can make a coloring book picture out of it and have their children color it in.

That's interesting. The things people can do seem limitless. If someone buys a D5000 during the holiday season when there are plenty of things going on, they could really have a lot of fun with it.

The D5000 is packed with functions.
The developers have so many ideas
about how to use and enjoy
this unique camera.


Even if people just use the scene modes, they can use the Night landscape mode to take photos of Christmas illuminations, the Party/indoor mode for get-togethers, the Food mode for special culinary treats or the Sunset mode for the first sunrise of the New Year.


Then when the Christmas/New Year season is over, they can look forward to spring when they can use the Blossoms mode for flowers. To tell you the truth, my family's always telling me how hopeless I am at taking photos, so I recently took the D5000 with me on a trip overseas. By simply selecting a scene mode, I was able to take some impressive shots and clear my tarnished reputation. I really recommend the D5000 to people who think they can't take photos. I also thought the camera would be bulky to handle, but I had absolutely no problem with it. It was a real pleasure to use.


The LCD monitor can be stowed with the screen on the inside, so the camera can slip into a bag without scratching the screen. For an SLR, the D5000 is compact and lightweight, a comfortable size even for people with small hands. I'd like people to use it not just for special occasions but also to carry it around each day and take photos wherever they go. I'd like them to know how much fun it is to take photos, whether they take still images or video movies, and even try to find new ways of shooting. It would be a real delight as a developer to see people enjoying the D5000 for many years to come.

Thank you very much!