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History of Nikon Cameras


Nikon AF240SV/SV QD (Fun-Touch 6)
Upgraded AF230 (1997) with extra-large, ultra-clear Super Viewfinder (SV)
Wide-angle 28mm f/5.6 lens
Nikon EF400SV/SV QD (Nice-Touch 5)
A sister model of the AF240 SV without AF and Self-timer
Upgraded EF300 (1997) offering SV and 28mm f/5.6
Nikon Nuvis 200 [IX240]
Small and lightweight (108.5 x 62.5 x 33 mm; 170 g)
24-48mm (35mm equiv. to 30-60mm) f/4.5-8.4 zoom lens with two aspherical lenses; close-ups to 60 cm
Nikon COOLPIX 950
1/2-in., 2.11-megapixel CCD (image size: 1,600 x 1,200 pixels)
Swivel body with 3x 38-115mm (35mm equiv.) Zoom-NIKKOR lens
High-resolution 2-in., low-temp. polysilicon TFT LCD monitor
Nikon COOLPIX 700
A sister model of the COOLPIX 950 with same 1/2-in., 2.11-megapixel CCD
35mm (35mm equiv.) NIKKOR lens
High-resolution 1.8-in. TFT LCD monitor
Nikon Nuvis 300 [IX240]
3x 28-80mm (35mm equiv. to 35-100mm) f/4.2-11 zoom lens
Ultra-compact and lightweight (98.5 x 59 x 36.5 mm; 155 g)
Nikon D1
Professional, high-performance digital SLR
23.7 x 15.6mm CCD; 2.74 effective megapixels (2,012 x 1,324 pixels)
3D Digital Matrix Image Control with 1,005-pixel CCD for superior overall picture quality
4.5 fps shooting speed for up to 21 consecutive shots
Top shutter speed 1/16,000 s and flash sync up to 1/500 s
Nikon COOLPIX 800
Upgraded COOLPIX 700 with 2x Zoom-NIKKOR lens
3 image sizes: Full-size, VGA and QVGA
High-resolution 1.8-in., low-temp. polysilicon TFT LCD monitor
Nikon Zoom 800/800 QD
3.4x 38-130mm f/4.5-9.5 zoom lens (Three aspherical lenses)
Easy dial operation (Drive dial and Mode dial)
Nikon Zoom 600/600 QD (Lite-Touch Zoom 110/110 QD)
2.9x 38-110mm f/4-10.8 zoom lens (127 x 69 x 50 mm; 270 g)
Nikon Zoom 400/400 QD (Lite-Touch Zoom 80/80 QD)
2.1x 38-80mm f/5-9.6 zoom lens (118 x 64 x 42 mm; 210 g)
Panorama (13 x 36 mm) mode (QD model)
Nikon F60/F60D (N60/N60 QD)
A succeeding model of F50 (1994)
Easy-to-use exposure mode dial and command dial
Auto-Servo AF automatically chooses [S-AF] or [C-AF]
Powerful built-in flash (28mm lens coverage)
Nikon PRONEA S [IX240]
Super-compact, lightweight elegant design IX240-format SLR
Easy-to-use exposure mode dial and command dial
Plastic lens mount and penta mirror for the lightweight body
Nikon F100
Cross-Ranged, 5-Area AF system
Dynamic AF, Closest-subject-priority, Dynamic AF and Single Area AF
High-speed Focus Tracking up to 5 fps with Lock-On
Nikon E3/E3S
A succeeding model of E2N/E2NS (1996)
2/3-in., 1.4-megapixel CCD (image size: 1,280 x 1,000 pixels)
Anti-vibration mode for microscope photography
1 fps (E3)/3 fps (E3S: up to 12 consecutive shots)
Nikon COOLPIX 900
1/2.7-in., 1.3-megapixel CCD
3x Zoom-NIKKOR lens (35mm equiv. to 38-115mm)
2-in. low-temp polysilicon TFT LCD
Nikon COOLPIX 600
1/2.7-in., 1.08-megapixel CCD
Nikon 5mm f/2.8 lens (35mm equiv. to 36mm) and 2x digital zoom
Ultra-compact and lightweight (109.5 x 60 x 44.5 mm; 210 g)
Detachable Speedlight SB-E600
Nikon 35mm/IX240 Film Scanner COOLSCAN III (LS-30)
10-bits per color channel A/D
20-second scanning at 2,700 dpi
CleanImage™ function
Nikon 35mm/IX240 Film Scanner SUPER COOLSCAN 2000 (LS-2000)
12-bits per color channel A/D and 20-second scanning at 2,700 dpi
Multi-sample scanning
CleanImage™ function
Nikon Nuvis S [IX240]
Shell-type stainless steel design
High-performance 3x 22.5-66mm f/5.2-7.5 zoom lens with Close-Range Correction (CRC) system and whisper-quiet zooming operation
Built-in diopter adjustment
Nikon BF100/BF100 QD
Simple operation 35mm format compact camera with Big Finder
Focus-free, 34mm f/4.5 lens (122 x 74 x 52 mm; 190 g)
Large viewfinder
Nikon Nuvis A20/A20 QD [IX240]
25mm f/5.6 lens, AF and AE compact (113 x 62 x 36 mm; 150 g)
Opt. IX (QD model: 113 x 62 x 39 mm; 155 g)
Nikon Nuvis E10/E10 QD [IX240]
A sister model of the A20 with fixed-focus 25mm f/5.6 lens
Nikon FE10
35mm-format SLR with Automatic Exposure Control
A sister model of the FM10 (1995) with [A] mode
The different body from those of FE/FE2 series
1/2,000 to 8 s ([A])
Nikon AF230/AF230 QD (Fun-Touch 5)
Successor to the AF220 (1995) with 29mm f/4.5 lens
Nikon EF300/EF300 QD (Nice-Touch 4)
Focus-free, easy-to-use compact camera with Red-Eye Reduction
Successor to the EF220 (1995) with fixed-focus 29mm f/4.5 lens
A sister model of the AF230
Nikon Zoom 210/210 QD (One-Touch Zoom 70/70 QD)
38-70mm f/4.7-8.6 zoom lens
Easy-to-see, large viewfinder
Nikon Nuvis 110i [IX240]
37.5-106mm (35mm equiv.) f/3.8-9.5 zoom lens
121 x 67 x 47 mm; 260 g body with sliding lens cover
Nikon Nuvis 160i [IX240]
37.5-160mm (35mm equiv.) f/4.3-9.7 zoom lens
Sliding lens cover and metal face body (117 x 65 x 46 mm; 295 g)
Bulb function, diopter adjustment
Nikon COOLPIX 100
PC Card-type digital camera
1/3-in., 330,000-pixel CCD (image size: 512 x 480 pixels)
Nikon 6.2mm f/4 lens (35mm equiv. to 52mm)
Nikon COOLPIX 300
1/3-in., 330,000-pixel CCD (image size: 640 x 480 pixels)
Nikon 6.2mm f/4 lens (35m equiv. to 45mm)
Memos or drawing into the LCD screen possible
Nikon Nuvis 125i/125 [IX240]
IX240 compact with 30-100mm (35mm equiv. to 37.5-125mm) f/4.3-9.2 Power Zoom lens
Magnetic Information Exchange (Mag. IX) system with the 125i, or Optical Information Exchange (Opt. IX) system with the 125
Nikon Nuvis 75i/75 [IX240]
IX240 compact with 30-60mm (35mm format equiv. to 37.5-75mm) f/4.5- 8.5 Power Zoom lens
Mag. IX data recording system and optional remote control (i model)
Nikon Nuvis mini i/mini [IX240]
Super-light, super-compact lX240 camera
105 x 58 x 30 mm; 135 g body with 25mm (35mm equiv. to 31.2mm) f/4 lens
Nikon F5
The new standard in professional photography
Cross-Ranged, 5-Area AF Sensor (Multi-CAM1300)
Dynamic AF and Single Area AF
High-speed film advance of up to 8 fps (w/MN-30)
3D Color Matrix Metering using a new 1,005-pixel RGB sensor
Nikon E2N/E2NS
D-SLR improves upon the Nikon E2/E2S (1995)
Compressed JPEG plus uncompressed TIFF format
1 fps (E2N)/3 fps (E2NS)
Nikon Flatbed Scanner AX-110
300 x 600-dpi optical resolution/8-bit A/D
Nikon Flatbed Scanner AX-210
Fine 600 x 1,200-dpi optical resolution
8-bit converter and analog nonlinear gamma processing
Nikon PRONEA 600i (PRONEA 6i) [IX240]
Accepts a wide selection of AF NIKKOR lenses, and IX-NIKKOR lenses made especially for PRONEA series
Similar specs to the F70 (1994); IX240 benefits include Mag. IX, Mid-Roll film Change (MRC), Data and title imprinting, Print Quantity selection
Nikon Nuvis 60/60 QD [IX240]
2x 31-62mm (35mm equiv.) zoom lens
Nikon FM10
A different body from models of the FM/FM2 series
1/2,000 to 1 s, Bulb
Nikon Zoom 500/500 QD (Lite-Touch Zoom 105/105 QD)
127 x 67 x 74 mm; 265 g body with 38-105mm f/3.5-9.2 zoom lens
Nikon Zoom 310/310 QD (Lite-Touch Zoom 70)
Successor to the Zoom 300 (1994)
Nikon Zoom 200/200 QD (One-Touch Zoom/QD)
38-70mm f/4.7-8 zoom
Nikon Zoom 60S
Successor to the Nikon Zoom 60 (1994)
Fixed focus 35-60mm f/5.7-9.3 zoom lens
Nikon EF200 (Nice-Touch 3)
Successor to the EF100 (1993) with fixed focus 31mm f/5.6 lens
Nikon AF220 (Fun-Touch 4)
Successor to the AF210 (1994) with 29mm f/4.5 lens
Built-in flash with Auto Flash, Flash Cancel and Anytime Flash
Red-Eye Reduction
Nikon E2/E2S
SLR-type digital still camera with Nikon F-mount
2/3-in., 1.3-megapixel CCD with on-board Optical Low-Pass Filter (OLPF)
1 fps (E2)/3 fps (E2S: up to 7 consecutive shots)
Nikon 35mm Film Scanner SUPER COOLSCAN LS-1000
High-speed scanning: approx. 40 s (2,592 x 3,888 pixels)
12-bit A/D and 2,700-dpi optical resolution
Nikon Multi-Format Film Scanner LS-4500AF
Supports formats from 35mm to 4 x 5-in. format
12-bit A/D
Nikon 35mm Film Scanner COOLSCAN II (LS-20)
High-speed scanning: approx. 80 s (2,592 x 3,888 pixels)
2,700-dpi optical resolution
Nikon F50/F50D (N50)
Choice of [SIMPLE] or [ADVANCED] mode
Dot matrix LCD panel for large, easy-to-read icon display
Comprehensive exposure modes: 8 Programs, [P], [S], [A], [M]
One 6V 2CR5 (or DL245) lithium battery
Nikon Zoom 700VR/700VR QD (Zoom-Touch 105 VR QD)
The world’s first compact with Vibration Reduction for enhanced sharpness
High-performance 38-105mm f/4-7.8 zoom lens
Scale Imprint function (QD model)
Nikon Zoom 300/300 QD (Lite-Touch Zoom/QD)
The world’s smallest and lightest 35mm AF zoom camera
Stylish design with 35-70mm lens (117 x 63 x 36 mm; 205 g)
Nikon AF400 (One-Touch 300)
31mm f/4 lens; Macro mode enables shots as close as 0.45 m
Built-in Panorama (13 x 36mm) mode (QD model)
Nikon AF210 (Fun-Touch 3)
Successor to the AF200 (1993) with 32mm f/4.5 lens
Nikon 28Ti Quartz Date
A sister model of the Nikon 35Ti (1993); NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8 lens is fixed
Sliding-type flash mode switch
Black body
Nikon F90X (N90S)
Focusing system improved over F90 (1992), with Focus Tracking up to 4.1 fps in [CH] mode
Built-in Motor Drive enables film advance up to 4.3 fps
Nikon F70/F70D (N70)
Built-in retractable Speedlight with 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash
Large, informative LCD, coordinated in shape and color with the control buttons
F70D features built-in Panorama (13 x 36mm) mode and data imprinting
Nikon Flatbed Scanner SCANTOUCH AX-1200
1,200 x 1,200-dpi high resolution/10-bit A/D
Nikon Zoom 60 (Nice-Touch Zoom)
Fixed focus 35-60mm f/5.7-9.3 zoom lens
Nikon AF600/AF600 QD (Lite-Touch/QD)
World’s smallest ultra-compact and lightweight 35mm format AF camera (108 x 62 x 32 mm; 155 g)
28mm f/3.5 lens
Built-in Panorama (13 x 36mm) mode
Nikon Zoom 100/100 QD (Zoom-Touch 470/470 QD)
35-70mm f/4.5-6 zoom lens
Two-shot self-timer (Double self-timer)
Nikon AF200 (Fun-Touch 2)
Successor to the RF10 (1992) with 34mm f/4.5 lens
Nikon EF100 (Nice-Touch 2)
Focus free (fixed focus) compact with 35mm f/4.5 lens
Macro mode enabling to get as close as 0.55 m
Nikon 35Ti Quartz Date
NIKKOR 35mm f/2.8 quality lens
Classic, no-frills appearance with titanium body
Analog display system with watch-like appearance
3D Matrix Metering with new 6-segment Matrix Sensor
Programmed Auto [P] and Aperture-Priority Auto [A] modes
Nikon 35mm Film Scanner COOLSCAN (LS-10)
2,700-dpi resolution and LED illumination
Nikon FM2/T
The FM2 (1984) armored with titanium
The world’s first underwater SLR camera
Amazing underwater AF system
Capability of going down to a depth of 100 m without special underwater housing
Strategic product of COCOM
Nikon TW Zoom 105 WORLD TIME (Zoom-Touch 800/800 WORLD TIME)
Nikon’s top-of-the-line zoom AF compact
37-105mm f/3.7-9.9 zoom lens
Image size selector
Nikon Wide-Area AF, Spot AF and Focus tracking
Nikon RF10 (Smiletaker)
Automatic, easy-to-use compact camera
AF and AE compact with 34mm f/4.5 lens
Nikon AW35/AW35 QD (Sport-Touch)
Splash-proof weather-resistant design, Nikon W35 (1991)
Nikon F90 (N90)
Wide-Area AF
3D Matrix Metering
3D Muiti-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash and FP High-Speed Sync
Nikon TW Zoom 85/85 QD (Zoom-Touch 600)
The tele-wide zoom auto compact with Panorama
32-85mm f/4.5-11 zoom lens
Carefree AF, Spot AF and Infinity Focus
Nikon F-801S (N8008S)
Upgraded Nikon F-801 (1988) with Spot Metering
Advanced Focus-Tracking AF function
Nikon TW Zoom 35<>80/35<>80 QD (Zoom-Touch 500S)
The high-performance, all-automatic zoom compact
Upgraded TW Zoom (1988) offering built-in diopter adjustment
Nikon F-401X/F-401X QD (N5005)
Nikon’s most exclusive Matrix Metering
Built-in auto TTL flash (28mm lens coverage) with Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash
Advanced Focus-Tracking AF function
Nikon W35/W35 QD (One-Touch 200)
The auto compact with Nikon’s quality
Smaller than Nikon RD2 (1988) (124 x 68 x 54 mm; 215 g)
Close-ups to 65 cm
Nikon 35mm Film Scanner LS-3510AF
Best suited for computer graphics, desktop publishing and image data filing
AF ensures consistently sharp scans
Max. 5,000 x 5,000-pixel resolution
Nikon F-601/F-601 QD (N6006/N6006 QD)
Auto Multi-Program [P]
Built-in retractable flash (28mm lens coverage)
Auto balanced fill-flash, Slow Sync and Rear-Curtain Sync
Nikon F-601M (N6000)
Simplified version of the F-601 without AF and built-in Speedlight
Matrix and Center-Weighted Metering
Auto Multi-Program [P]
Nikon TW Zoom 35<>70/35<>70 QD (Zoom-Touch 400)
35-70mm Zoom AF compact with Carefree AF (3 focus areas) and Advanced Red-Eye Reduction System
Nikon 35mm Film Scanner LS-3500
4,096 x 6,144-pixel resolution for sharp color images
24 x 36mm scanning area and scans any 35mm (135) format film