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Legendary Nikons

The Nikon story actually starts in 1948, the year that the Nikon I, the company's first camera was released. This story is told in the following twelve articles—somewhat eccentric, but thoroughly enjoyable—that chronicle the history of Nikon's brilliant and legendary cameras. The articles weave in and out of history while reviewing the cameras in a contemporary context.
Unlike an ordinary history, this story of Nikon cameras begins with the Nikon F4

  • Titanium and Nikon / Cameras for NASA
  • Nikon a product of its users
  • Development of ultra high-speed shutter
  • New technology nothing new for Nikon
  • Shutter unit of Nikon's latest SLR
  • The two faces of Nippon Kogaku
  • The origin of the "Nikon legend"
  • Nikon's future course set by its first endeavor
  • The S2 - A light, high-performance camera
  • Progress with viewfinder, camera body
  • The "Best of Nikon" is the Nikon SP
  • Post-SP developments
  • According to plan
  • The secret of the F's success
  • Why is the Nikon F so famous ?
  • As "SLR" as it can be
  • The New, Old Nikon F
  • Nikon F2 - A Piece of Work
  • F3 reaches its 18th year
  • New technology, new look
  • Unique technology everywhere
  • Nikon cameras originate from Nikon culture
  • What then, were the basic concepts in the F4's development ?
  • The F4 is a joint product of Nikon and its customers