Digital SLR Camera Basics



A measure of the vividness of colors. Highly saturated colors are vivid, while colors with low saturation approach grey.

scene mode

A mode in which camera settings are adapted to a specific scene or type of subject.


A mechanism that automatically releases the shutter after a fixed delay. The self-timer is used for shots that include the photographer, particularly group- and self-portraits.


A mechanism that controls the length of time that the image sensor is exposed to the light entering via the lens. The shutter is normally closed, preventing light from reaching the image sensor. When the shutter-release button is pressed all the way down, the mirror is raised and the shutter opens to allow light onto the image sensor.

slow sync

A flash mode in which the main subject is lit with the flash while slow shutter speeds are used to ensure that background objects beyond the range of the flash are correctly exposed.

subject blur (motion blur)

Blur caused by the subject moving while the shutter is open.