Digital SLR Camera Basics


RAW image

An image recorded using the 12- or 14-bit image data output from the image sensor. The original data from the image sensor are unmodified, allowing settings such as white balance, Picture Controls, and exposure compensation to be changed on a computer. Some cameras can create JPEG copies of RAW images using an option in the retouch menu.

rear-curtain sync

A flash mode in which the flash fires just before the shutter closes so that the trails of light produced by moving light sources naturally follow the motion of the source.

See also: front-curtain sync

release mode

A setting that controls the shutter release. Release modes include single frame (a mode in which one photograph is taken each time the shutter-release button is pressed), continuous (the camera continues to take photographs as long as the shutter-release button is pressed), self-timer, and remote control modes.

reproduction ratio

The ratio of the size of the image on the image sensor to the actual size of the subject. For example, if the length of a 5 cm object on the film or image sensor is 1 cm, the reproduction ratio is 1 : 5 (0.2 ×).