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Digital SLR Camera Basics

AF-Area Mode (Live View Photography)

In live view photography, the focus area for autofocus is shown in the monitor and can be positioned using the multi selector. AF-area mode controls how the focus area is selected. The AF-area modes available in live view include wide- and normal-area AF, subject-tracking AF, and face-priority AF. AF-area mode selection is also available during movie recording.

Wide-Area AF

Wide-area AF is a good choice for hand-held shots of landscapes and the like. The focus point can be positioned anywhere in the frame using the multi selector. The focus area is wider than that used for normal-area AF.

Wide-area AF
Wide-area AF

Normal-Area AF

Normal-area AF offers pin-point focus. The multi selector can be used to position the focus point anywhere in the frame.

Normal-area AF
Normal-area AF

Subject-Tracking AF

In subject-tracking AF, the photographer composes the photo with the subject in the focus area and then presses the OK button. The camera will lock on to the subject in the focus area and track its movements even if the photographer changes the composition. Combined with full-time servo autofocus (AF-F), it can be used to automatically track and maintain focus on subjects that are in motion.

Subject-tracking AF
Subject-tracking AF (the procedure for acquiring the subject may vary with the camera model)

Face-Priority AF

If a face is detected in the frame, the focus area will be displayed as a double yellow border automatically outlining the detected face. Face-priority AF is a good choice for portraits and other photographs featuring human subjects facing the camera.

Face-priority AF
Face-priority AF

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